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Car Crime


This year my car has been vandalised (wing mirror broken off) and broken into twice, the wing mirror and breaking into happened on Rosendale Road and most recently last Monday on Dalkeith Road.  I dont think i am being targeted but was wondering if this is happening to anyone else??

Re: Car Crime

I hate to say it, but the rate of crime seems to be on a steady rise. I have had my vehicle broken into twice this past year, and I have had parts of my vehicle broken or vandalized this year, as well. Either I have made an enemy and upset someone unknowingly, or there are some people who really need a foot up their rear end. Either way, I am hoping that something can be done about all of this within the near future. I know of a few other people who have had their vehicles destroyed or messed up within the same area, as well. It really drives me crazy that people can be so disrespectful.

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