Car Break in with no damage - items stolen from within

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Car Break in with no damage - items stolen from within

I have now twice had items stolen from my car (audi) from outside my house.

These have been a pair of sunglasses, handfree kit, food and some new paint brushes. Hardly a wonderful hoard, but annoying and disconcerting none the less. Just to clarify for those in doubt - I do not have any memory problems nor a habit of misplacing objects! 

However on both occasions this has been done without any obvious damage to the car to enter it. I have heard of devices which can copy the signal to the car remote but unsure if this is what it is.

I wondered if anyone else in the area had suffered a similar fate?

Yes, twice and 6 months apart

Yes, twice and 6 months apart. Called police first time around and they said the alarm signals can be cloned. They also said to watch the mileage as sometimes cars are taken for a spin and returned! Last time only small change was stolen but what can you do that isnt expensive....I just leave nothing of value in the car as a result. Although they clearly don't like my taste in CDs!

Jasper The Gent
Similar thefts have occurred

Similar thefts have occurred from my car (Toyota Prius) since I moved to Herne Hill (2013). I live on Milkwood Road and a neighbour has suffered a similar fate (Rufus,  Audi TT). The police weren't interested as the cars aren't ever damaged and only trivial items are taken.  I've recently raised it with the local neighbourhood watch (I'm vice chairman) , the group was very interested. They've been collating stats on these type of thefts for some time. Do you live near Milkwood Road Jwrd? Your input would be valued at our September meeting.

Same here unfortunately.

Same here unfortunately.

Items were missing from my car (BMW X5) when left outside the Lido on Dulwich Road. I dropped the children off with au pair for swim and sneaked in a quick yoga session.

Returned a couple of hours later and was most distressed to find my daughters ipad missing from back seat and an entire bag of John Lewis goodies I'd picked up that morning.

All in all a similar situation to jwrd, perhaps would should take this further somehow?


The X5 was well known for

The X5 was well known for keyless entry theft, but BMW should have fixed it in their most recent software updates - I would take it to the dealer to ensure it's all up to date.

The other possibility is that someone is blocking the key when you try to lock the car, so double check the car is actually locked when you leave it.

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