Business Profile Headshots

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Business Profile Headshots

Dear all you wonderful folk of HH,

I have been getting quite a lot of enquiries for business profile headshots recently.

I would quite like to book a whole day and then offer individual 1 hour slots so I can pass on the travel & studio cost savings to my clients.

After all who doesn't like a good deal?

What do you get? 5 digital files that can be used online from the selection of images that I shoot. 

When I book individual sessions it takes 5/10 mins to set the lights up and the same at the end to put them away.

By booking a whole day it means I can spend the whole hour taking pictures of you (after the initial greeting & getting to know each other period) and save on costs which I can pass on to you....everyone's a winner!

Some FAQ's include:

Are the images edited? Yes but not too much .....the whole point is for you to get fantastic headshots of you ....looking like you, not like someone else or like you used to be 10 or 20 years ago ( soz) 

Can I bring different outfits/change my look? Yes absolutely can chop and change as much or as little as you like within your allotted timeslot.

You can see more of my work by going to and if you are interested please either email me at or give me a call on 07554006849