Boiler repair- Great reccommendation

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Boiler repair- Great reccommendation

Hi if your boiler breaks down these guys are brilliant. My family used them last week. They were highly professional and fixed the boiler quickly. 02036094977

Boiler repair - Great recommendation (2)

Used last week for boiler repair on the basis of the recommendation from HerneHillNanny and would strongly echo the recommendation. Sav was super-responsive to my original contact, polite, friendly and got on with the whole family (including the dog) when the boiler repair turned into a boiler replacement. He explained clearly everything that he was doing and where the issues with the old boiler were. He tidied up afterwards and also brought in a good electrician to fit a new thermostat. 

Boiler repair

My email to Surrey H&B has bounced back. I've approached John Powers too. Any help with finding a good boiler engineer would be a lifesaver. Thanks all

Try Yen Lin Chong 07798

Try Yen Lin Chong 07798 530265. gas registered, conscientious. Does a good job. 

Consider a maintenance contract

Unsurprisingly, CH boilers take a lot of punishment, particularly Combi boilers which are a bit like a highly tuned racing car operating close to the edge as they strive for ever higher energy efficiencies. And Sod's law says that they will break down at the most inconvenient of times e.g. when it is horribly cold and plumbers and CH heating engineers are rushed off their feet. Definitely not the moment to lose hot water and CH at the same time. So I have always felt that a boiler maintenace contract is well worth the money. Several organisations provide them, probably British Gas Homecare is the brand leader. For your money you get

  • an annual service, which helps to ensure that it is less likely to break down in the first place
  • an engineer within 24 hours if it does break down, and
  • probably less well known, an element of insurance in the form of a pledge that if they can't fix it they will fit a new boiler for free

A couple of years ago when my boiler at the time (A Ferolli - avoid like the plague IMHO) caught on fire just after the engineer had been to service it, and as a result was uneconomic to repair, I was more than happy to accept a brand new Vailant boiler provided, and installed, free by British Gas. 

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