Any go players?

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Any go players?

Go is an ancient game originating in China 2000 years ago. It is quick to learn, but it is rich in strategy and takes whole life to master. It is also the only remaining game in which computers are worse than humans!

Anyone would be intestested in meeting for few games once in a while?

I've got a board and can teach the rules. I am not an master and there are means to balance the game even if one of the players has less experience then the other. But it is brains that count in the end :)

Re: Any go players?

Go originated in ancient China; exactly when is unknown. By the 3rd century BC it was already a popular pastime, as indicated by a reference to the game in theAnalects of Confucius. Archaeological evidence shows that the early game was played on a board with a 17×17 grid, but by the time the game had spread to Koreaand Japan, in about the 5th and 7th centuries CE respectively, boards with a 19×19 grid had become standard.

Although the overwhelming majority of players are from East Asia, the International Go Federation has 71 member countries on all continents. The total number of players is well over 40 million.[2] Go reached the West through Japan, which is why it is commonly known internationally by its shortened Japanese name, and whyterms for common Go concepts are commonly derived from its Japanese pronunciation. The full Japanese name igo is derived from its Chinese name weiqi, which roughly translates as "board game of surrounding

i read some books about it :D thanks for the info im glad if you teach us thanks 

im new in this site


Re: Any go players?

Thanks for more detailed information. If you've read books about go then probably you are way more advanced than I am. I can teach rules plus some basic strategies, but by no means I'm a master. 

I will try out South London Go Club today, but it would be great if someone from Herne Hill area was interested in playing. 

Re: Any go players?

I used to play go as a kid. It's a great game.

My dad still plays and is a big fan of this site for playing go online:

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