Air pollution

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Air pollution

Has anybody else noticed the increased stink from people burning whatever takes their fancy in their fireplaces?

Much to my annoyance, for the past few months I have arrived home from work to find that my house smells like a victorian coal merchants.

I may be edited here and if so I apologise but there is one house on Railton and one on Milton (very near Railton) that appear to regularly break the law with what is legally allowed to be used as fuel. On top of that they appear to know when the noise/polution team are off-shift.

We've been trying to get them to visit these 'neighbours' for some time but by the time anybody gets in touch thay have extinguished the offending fires.

It is not fair or right in any streatch of the imagination for this to continue.

Feel free to reply with 'Rant' or 'Down with that sort of thing'